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Anglo Indian Association

by | Nov 8, 2020 | Communities, Families, Phone Interviews, Studio Interviews | 0 comments

Tonight our guests on The Sunday Session were Gordon and his wife Jenny who are actively involved with Perth’s  Anglo Indian Association.

Established in Western Australia 30 years ago this year, this organisation is still going strong.

When they first began way back in ’87 / ’88 there were approximately 1200 Anglo Indian people living in Western Australia.

This organisation has been welcoming  all Anglo Indians ever since the organisation started as there was a strong need for the Anglo-Indian community to come together to provide various activities for their members.

Various interests that this organisation promotes include recreational activities, Cultural and social and sporting activities

Members also engage in activities that can offer financial and other welfare assistance to the disadvantages in the community.

Regular events are held that all are welcome to attend.

The Australian Anglo Indian Association (Inc), Padbury is the pioneer AI Association in Perth, WA.


Listen to the interview that the session had with Gordon and Jenny.

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