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EASE WA – Animal Support in Emergencies

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Communities, Environmental, Local | 0 comments

EASE WA was until a last minute phone call, was something we had never heard of.

The acronym stands for the Emergency Animal Support Evacuation Western Australia, giving assistance to those people who have animals caught up in various emergencies in Western Australia.

Running for 9 years now, EASE WA gets information straight from DFES and then a team of volunteers  post this vital information on their Facebook page

Updates on fires burning in WA and any changes to those fires are all posted on their site, kept up to the minute with info that is taken straight from the DFES website.

This vital information allows people to make plans for their animals to get them to safety before the fire reaches them.

This information allows others to post up offers of help, hay, agistment or anything that can be useful in times of an emergency

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