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Human Nature

When it comes to longevity in the very fickle music business it is very hard to overlook one of the mainstays of talent in this country – Human Nature.

It’s hard to believe that these 4 guys, who seem to work tirelessly and effoftlessly with each other, are the same four boys that met in highschool and have been working together making music for the past 32 years.

Over the years this writer has always known of Human Nature, sitting in the background of the music scene, but I never really ‘knew’ them.

Even people who I work with everyday in the day job mocked a little when they  found out that I was interviewing these international artists with taunts and renditions of ‘Telling Everybody…’ The album that started it big for the boys

I wonder if these people, and I admit that I was one of them, have looked at the hard work, the years on the road away from the families, and the accomplishments that these guys have done and then they too would have a new found admiration of the talent of these 4 friends.

And now these guys are back on home soil as they release their new new EP – “Good Good Life” and take their show on the road once more, connecting with the fans who have loved and supported them for the last 32 years

The single, ‘Broken Humans” is something that you will listen to time and time again as these guys blend their harmonies with such ease – and with a little added help from Guy Sebastian whose vocals add another layer, another dimension to the Human Nature Sound – Have a listen to our interview below.

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Summary These guys are the biggest names to date we have had, not only on The Sunday Session but on 88.5fm in general.

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Peter Gray

Music has always been a part of Pete’s life – even from a very early age in front of the tv with has Casio cassette recording taping music from the old Elvis Presley Movies. Fast forward many years and after gaining experience by dj’ing at the ice skating rink – as well as corporate gigs and weddings – a stint at a rival station – Pete now hangs his microphone here at The Sunday Session.

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