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One Planet Bags – reducing our reliance on plastic

One Planet Bags – reducing our reliance on plastic

saving the planet one bag at a time

Plastic – it is everywhere in our lives and as much as it is has been a convenient and cheap way to package and carry we now know the problems it is causing for the environment and the animals that are being affected by our throw away attitude.

Big supermarkets have forced us to re-think plastic bags, but isn’t there a better way?

Our guest on The Sunday Session, Jennifer, thinks that there is a better way and she has come up with her product – One Planet Bags – a reusable set of bags that you can pop your fruit and/or vegies into – carry them home, put it direct into the fridge, clean them when required and then re-use them at the Supermarkets once again.


 Plastic bags have been around for 30 years.

  • It is estimated world wide that 1 trillion plastic bags are used and discarded every year. 
  • Australians dump 7 thousand recyclable plastic bags into landfills every minute or 429,000 bags every hour.
  • Australians use an estimated 5 billion plastic bags a year, that’s just over 13 million new bags being used every day.
  • An estimated 3 billion bags or 20 tonnes of plastic are disposed of in landfill sites throughout Australia every year.

Listen to our interview with Jennifer

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