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Sustainability and e-waste

Sustainability and e-waste

When did we as a society become so ingrained with our throw away disposable life style?

There was a time – not that long ago that everything was repaired, recycled and re-used, our grandparents knew how to do this every day and for some reason they didnt die from it and civilisation did not collapse

Our Guest on The Sunday Session, April, from Matrix Sustainabilty was on hand to discuss what was available for not just the mobile phones but all of the electronic waste that we have and throw away – the numbers are staggering!

We should be Caring more for our Planet

Listen below to our interview with April


April from Matrix Sustainability is running a series of Interactive workshops – If you would like to win one of these workshops for your business or group for up to 8 people then go to our Giveaway page and answer the question and you will be in the running for this amazing opportunity

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