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In the world we live in, where so much of the music seems to sound the same (maybe i,m too old), it is refreshing when someone takes a look back at a style of music that, well, started it all for everyone, Rockabilly!

Audiences across the generations have been thrilled with the music that kickstarted so many of the musical greats – Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley and even the Beatles have embraced the Rockabilly style way back when it was technically new. The Stray Cats embraced it when it was the style was considered to be old and now, The Rough Houser’s are bring their style to it for everyone to enjoy.

It’s not only original stuff that these guys bring to their gigs with songs like ‘life’s a drag’ and ‘My Bonneville’ , The Rough Houser’s also tap into some of the best loved songs from the greats… Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Del Shannon, Johnny Burnette, Elvis Presley and so much more.

Two things are guaranteed when you go see these guys live, 1 you will love the music and 2, you will not want to stay in your seat!




Summary Exceptionally refreshing to hear something from the bygone era being brought back to life. These guys bring their own style to the rockabilly genre as they bring it to a new, younger audience. Well Done!

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Peter Gray

Music has always been a part of Pete’s life – even from a very early age in front of the tv with has Casio cassette recording taping music from the old Elvis Presley Movies. Fast forward many years and after gaining experience by dj’ing at the ice skating rink – as well as corporate gigs and weddings – a stint at a rival station – Pete now hangs his microphone here at The Sunday Session.

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