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Who let these people in front of a mic!

Peter Gray

From early beginnings sitting in front of the TV with his Casio Cassette recorder, mic held tightly in his hand, recording the songs from Elvis…. music has been a part of Pete’s life

At the local Ice Skating rink in Brisbane (where he is from originally) he sat in the DJ booth with the 45’s (if you can remember them! ) Pete would DJ the sessions while people skated along loving his music!

Fast forward to now – skipping over the many years he dj’ed around Brisbane and Perth – brushing aside his time at the Perth Radio Academy and not even thinking about the other community radio stations he has volunteered at….. he now hangs his mic at 88.5fm.

The Producer

The other half ( some would say the much better half ) of Peter Gray, Kate as she is sometimes known is in charge of everything else that happens in the Studio on the Sunday Night.

Organising the three wombats that you hear on air each night is not her only task!

Phone calls to guests – organinising interviews – making sure that everyone is kept calm with coffee – these are only some of the things that keep her on the edge every Sunday night.

Kate also hosts the 88.5fm Jukebox each week.

The Big Vee

Originally born in South Africa and living in the UK for 9 years, I now call Australia my home and have been living in Perth since 2009.

Generally interested in the experience of life I have been fortunate enough to travel widely and encountered a wide variety of cultures and nationalities.

My music taste is also broad from Classical to Blues and Folk to Rock and Metal. There is very little I won’t listen to.

When it comes to conversation there is not much that is off the table and whenever the chance arises, I enjoy a little humour.

I am an energetic and active person having competed in sport at Australian National. In my free time, you will find me riding motorcycles, fishing and boating or simply relaxing with a group of friends and family.